Appointments - Appointments must be confirmed by phone before scheduled. On rare occasion we may have to move appointments even after scheduling.

Grouping Properly labeled groups will be digitally stored in the same folder(if possible.) Unlabeled or similarly labeled media may be combined.

Negatives - In order to provide the most effective service negatives with  photos will not be digitized. The photo will be the scanned unless otherwise specified or negatives provided separately.

Immediate Presentation/Memorial - In the event you need your images immediately for display such as a memorial, anniversary, presentation, etc, please allow us to know. We'll attempt to orient images properly and clean it all up.

Rush Jobs - If you need your work expedited please allow our staff to know when scheduling the appointment.

Additional Storage Fees - In the event that we are unable to arrange return of materials scan or not, a storage fee will be charged.  If after two weeks we are unable to schedule a return, the fee will be $75 per month per bin of storage.

Printing and Restoration - At this time we do not offer printing or restoration.



Photo Scans - Our prioritize in digitizing photography is to enable replication.  There might be circumstances where scans are not perfect and it is not possible.  Additional elements outside the content of the photography, borders, frames, etc,  are typically not a priority in the digitizing unless explicitly requested. Photos which do not fit through our normal process may be scanned separately or as a group on a flat bed. This may lead to images being grouped.

Photo Albums/Pages - To be respectful of the original album we do not disassemble photography from pages.  We scan album pages in their entirety.  We are trying to minimize incidental damage to the photographs.  If you require disassembly, there maybe be additional fees and you should be aware disassembly may damage the original photography.

Rescans - If rescans are sought on any projects whatsoever,  it will be necessary for the media to be delivered to our offices regardless of previous method of engagement.

Retrieval - Additional copies of a digital project after delivery are only available for a fee.  After seven days an additional archive retrieval fees may be applied.

Orientation - We frequently try to oriented images correctly but because of a variety of reasons this is not perfectly done

Backside Scanning - We typically do not scan back side images.  For additional fees we can scan the backside for small notes or handwritten information. This accompanying info is usually front image name _b or the next sequential number.


Refund Policy - All sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for any products or services purchased from us, unless otherwise stated in writing.