Video to Digital

There is nothing quite like taking a trip back in time and watching old videos. All the family moments, weddings, parties, performances, vacations, and games recorded. Those antics the kids to the serious filming of a wedding are all locked away. The video player discard long ago . We can revive those stories. You'll see moments from your past and those loved and lost. Save Now. Share Forever.

video digital imageCamcorders and video systems changed rapidly for many years. Because of this we work with a large variety of cassettes - VHS, VHS-C(compact), 8mm Video, Fuji, Hi-8, Digital 8, MiniDV, DVCAM, Sony, and others. We use a unique collection of old and new hardware and software to convert your videos. We'll convert each video to an mpeg-4 format up to 1080p and 60 fps. Viewing amd sharing on computers, phones, tablets, will be easy. Also, all videos are smart tv ready. Get started and schedule an appointment today.



How it Works:

  • Set An Appointment

    We'll follow up with you to confirm details.

  • Arrange Pickup

    In the service area, we'll pickup the photos,videos, albums etc at the appointment time. Receive additional direction from the customer and review any materials. Drop offs are also available.

  • Review and Pricing

    Once in our office, we review all of your scanning for the best technique. We then follow up with the customer with any additional questions.  At this time we'll also give you our exact pricing.

  • Scan and Digitize

    All of your material will be scanned and reviewed by our staff. 

  • Return

    When the scans are completed to our satisfaction, we'll notify you of the completion and schedule the return of your material along with a USB with all the scans.  DVD's are also available.

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