Slide Scanning

Slides were once the serious photographers preferred choice. Slides were widely considered superior for color depth and clarity. Slides were not only used for every day photograph but were often used for those adventures and travels around the world. Nowadays slides are mostly stored away and totally inaccessible. All those memories are sure to be lost. We can help you rescue those for sharing. Save Now. Share Forever.

slide scanningSlides come in a larger variety of sizes. The most popular slide size is the 35 mm rectangular slide. But there are many less popular varieties 110mm slide, the square 126 or 127 slide, the oversized 120, and the stereo slides for stereoscopic viewing. We can work with all of those variety. Just package them up in sleeves, carousels, envelopes, folder, or loose and we'll take them with our simple scanning service. Our standard scan can produce them at 4” x 6” photo. We'll use dust and scratch removal technology to provide the best scan possible. Get started and schedule and appointment now.


How it Works:

  • Set An Appointment

    We'll follow up with you to confirm details.

  • Arrange Pickup

    In the service area, we'll pickup the photos,videos, albums etc at the appointment time. Receive additional direction from the customer and review any materials. Drop offs are also available.

  • Review and Pricing

    Once in our office, we review all of your scanning for the best technique. We then follow up with the customer with any additional questions.  At this time we'll also give you our exact pricing.

  • Scan and Digitize

    All of your material will be scanned and reviewed by our staff. 

  • Return

    When the scans are completed to our satisfaction, we'll notify you of the completion and schedule the return of your material along with a USB with all the scans.  DVD's are also available.

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